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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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to have this not exempt from the statute. and then we go to court and the last time this was soon out, the whole of zandt needs to be thrown out. people cannot get this on the record. the traffic study was badly flawed. but when i come back -- i will be told that this cannot even be considered. and i realize you go on all the time and i used to spend my christmases down here for hearings or at the board of supervisors when we were fighting the high rises. by christmas tree was the city hall christmas tree and this is an issue for people who will be out of town. this is so important.
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>> i am elizabeth from jones street, the only painted lady on the hill. and all three of us are concerned about what is happening with masonic. we want to examine all the issues involved and all of the paperwork and we truly feel that a continuance to january 12, -- this could be beneficial to the knob hill association and the people who are trying to put together their information. thank you very much. >> and is there any additional public comment? just come up.
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-- i am michael barrett of the knob hill association. i have lived here for 30 years. i don't understand why this is getting another continuance. this has been going on for three and a half years. i know that some of the people from the nob hill association say that we should do this in january. i say not to do this at all. this should not be continued for legal purposes and i am against this happening. and thank you very much. >> is there additional public comment? >> good afternoon. i am here on behalf of the owners of the masonic temple,
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and we support the continuation of what oppose any continuance until january. this hearing was noticed three weeks ago on october 7, with six weeks of time for people to prepare for this hearing and we believe that this is plenty of time. this hearing that we're talking about is only for the interim conditional use. we continue -- we continue to operate with the non-conforming use until this is completed. this will not be done until 2012. we will recommence the hearing on the permanent addition, and the other reason is because this cannot make much progress until this hearing takes place. this is the baseline project that they can analyze with potential changes. and that material and analysis
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will not be ready until the end of 2012. and this time is the continuation -- and there is a rule that the nonconforming use needs a new conditional use to continue with operation. the issues here are not particularly complicated and there is plenty of time for any factual questions to be answered. there'll be a staff report a week before the hearing. we have evidence that may be jeopardized, and we are trying to reschedule the new events for 2012 so that this -- if this is not resolved until 2012 it will be difficult for us to schedule things into the future. december 17 as part of the holidays.
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i am not aware of any policy for mid november to mid january. this is part of the effort to close down this -- and they sued to overturn that this was an nonconforming use. before this hearing was scheduled, the coalition asked them to terminate the proceedings and the permanent liquor license. they continue the proceedings until this matter could be resolved for november 17. we will recommence those proceedings in january. thank you.
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-- >> i am adel humphries. i am in opposition to the conditional use authorization. i did not want to just get up here and support this -- i felt i needed to stand up, because the indicates that this was the interim proceeding that will govern a short amount of time until they can put in place several to plans and get the authority to build up the facility that they have in mind. and there are questions about if this can legally ever be done. the decision on this conditional use may be what governs the operation from now until the indefinite future. i wanted to make this clear.
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this is not some interim deal that does not deserve your intention -- attention. i am a resident of the knob hill association and i request that this matter be continued until january 12, thank you. >> members of the commission -- transit first did not work well today. i am requesting that you consider extending this to january 12 for a couple of weeks. this is what has been testified already and the attorneys for the next couple of weeks -- they're working with the city attorney's office on other lawsuits so i have not had a lot
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of time to focus on this matter, to have this ready on the 17th because we still have not seen the submissions because this was not posted and then i went to the planning department requesting to the city attorney's office to look at any records for this matter, so i will have to make another trip there, and after that, i will come back to start this matter, and during the christmas holidays i will have a brief appearance on another matter. i put this out as another reason why i personally would request the continuance. thank you.
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>> and is there any additional public comment on the continuance? -- >> i am john turner and i live on nob hill, next door to the auditorium. i have attended all but one of the hearings that we have had, and there are so many people who think they have never had a chance to speak and this is very important. i am speaking in favor of changing the date to january 12 because we would like to get a chance to have maximum exposure. at one time, there was a meeting which we thought was very important, and we went out to the neighborhood to ask people to come. the largest attendance of any of
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the meetings. and the lawyers from the organization had a large amount of materials they wanted to -- they wanted for people to read. but there was not time during the meeting and they should have sent this out in advance. they said to read this and come back at 1:00. they had given up work, and they just did not get a chance. and this kind of thing has happened repeatedly, upsetting members of the association. i believe that we should give every chance that you can for the largest attendance. on january 10 you will get a much larger attendance than in november. >> and is there additional
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public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioner miguel: to the fact i pay dues to a masonic organization. >> grandmaster is the wrong term. i was a master of one small lodge in 1963. the last association i had with the ownership of of the site in question, this was in 1964. at the time this was before the commission previously, i appeared with the city attorney's office and my paying of dues in california was not
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sufficient for me to recuse myself because if there is any finance involved, this is not the same way around. this is the continuance. we have heard that this is some time near the end of next year. this will be between october 7, when this is before us, prior to any holiday. this does not change much in my regard. if, on the 17th, there is sufficient information, we can
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continue further. i have a problem, mentioning the continuances do not sit well with me. i want to move this item to november -- november 17. >> i agree with the commissioner. commissioner miguel. as he has pointed out, with most of the speakers -- there is no new environmental discussion and we will see this at some time in the future. this is a fairly narrow question. the question is to continue the use of the kob hill masonic
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center, the same yousef has been in place since 1966. it seems with such a narrow question, certainly, three weeks to research this year and make certain that this is something that people are in favor of, i think that this is very reasonable. this is not in the midst of the holidays. there is always the opportunity to continue an item for the day of the hearing. this cannot be heard on that day. the commissioner found reason for the continuance, and we were to continue that item on the 17th. you cannot even begin the
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discussion on that day. i would ask the staff at the earliest possible time to get the staff report to the public so that they can have plenty of time to review this. and if there are any items that are not presently being made public, with the scope of this item, get this out at the earliest possible time. this is prior to the hearing. commissioner moore: i will ask them to continue this item to january 10. this is with the 17th at night. we will leave this commission at 6:00, which is workable and durable.
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and ever since the academy of arts, this is something that we spend a lot of time on. we will have a completely different tack from what we have heard before. i have an interest in the entire hearing. and we view the presentation. i will be leaving that evening. >> the commissioner just mentioned that she will not be here. commissioner borden: i will not be here on the 17th. i am agnostic about which direction the commission wants to go. >> december 1 is a possibility.
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commissioner antonini: certainly, it appears that two of the commissioners will not be here on the 17th. if they are agreeable to a date in december, i was the second of the motion. the other possibility is that this may be calendar very early to allow commissioner moore to be considered. >> this is that in o'clock in the morning. this is the continuation -- the 10:00 am special item. we can put the first item on the regular calendar. commissioner borden, you will
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not be here? >> this is a limited scope. there is pressure from the alcohol beverage control board to have the temporary resolution. >> you are ok with not being here? >> action needs to be taken. most people did not want hearings in january. >> we will make certain of this for the academy, and for now, we will leave that here. >> we can make that part of the motion. and the second. the motion is to continue the item to november 17, with the caveat this will be the first item on the regular calendar to allow the possibility of
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commissioner moore's participation. borden? fung? moore? >> no. >> olague? it passes 5-1, with commissioner moore voting against. >> thank you. you are now at commissioner's questions and matters. item 5 is consideration of adoption. october 13, 2011 minutes. following the public comments and any modifications or changes that you may have, we would like to see if you will a year -- if you will adopt this draft now. >> accommodations? public comment is closed. commissioner miguel:
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i move for the adoption to move -- >> to adopt the draft minutes of october 13. commissioner moore has stepped away. olague? miguel? aye. >> are there any other matters? >> i have an item. commissioner miguel: during the last week, i have met with jill landon, from the arts commission and others regarding the items on the calendar and i have met with supervisor malia on cell phone towers in her district and a few other matters. this is regarding 2135
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greenwich. hopefully, director ramm will talk about being at the meeting at dbi, regarding the project tracking system that is about to actually start action. the team that is going to put this into place, with a presentation yesterday, i thought that this was excellent. director ramm will give details. >> a few weeks ago, we had neighbors from abyon, who were here to talk about a project going to the board of appeals.
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at some time i would like to have some kind of discussion and i will work with mrs. avery on us. we have alluded to this wall the neighbors continue on this. the group noticing this kind of thing. i think it may be premature but a memo for starters, that will be available to the neighbors as well. i did attend a neighborhood meeting at this. this is what is related, and i think that it may be more broad if we could involve other things. commissioner antonini?
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>> we have many emails and letters, and faxes and phone calls. i welcome then at any time. in terms of how strongly that we consider them, the letters that are composed individually, with the individual named below them, residents of san francisco or the area in question, have more magnitude than things that are just sent anonymously, or from people who are not residents, and everyone is welcome to send anything that they want from any place, in terms of how much we give consideration. with the viewpoints that are
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individually concerned. this is the same letter being sent, earlier and earlier. and often, this is verbatim. >> thank you. if we can move forward to director's report, including director's announcements. the board of supervisors and historic preservation commission. >> a couple of things i wanted to mention a ,wha, what commissr miguel was talking about. the department of building inspection. this is to vastly improve the tracking projects. we have the internal kickoff meeting of the staff that were involved in this project and there was a meeting that was
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open to the public with a brief demonstration and we are excited about this. this will take two years to actually make this system implement and put the system in use. there was some concern expressed yesterday about -- how both the departments do business. and the conversion of years of data. this is a 40-year investment and it is important that we get this right. and other departments can add on to this. this is the one place the public staff and the commission will be
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able to see the status of the project across all of the involved departments. i also want to remind you, about the health care master plan, and you have received this in an e- mail, claudia and staff have been working on the master plan. we were required to do this based on the legislation. the department of public health is on the lead and has assembled a task force. we have concern -- hired a consultant to the background work. just an fyi, we will be looking for additional funding in next
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year's budget to continue the environmental work. this will be necessary to move the project forward. we will be seeking additional funding. this concludes my report. commissioner miguel: this is a comment for the general public. there was also an interesting comment, the micro records in 1901 to 1980 will be converted over time and be available to the system. with the present information going in about 1980. that possibility is also there. this is a fantastic project.
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>> anne marie rodgers to give you the weekly report on the board of supervisors activities. the first is the ordnance that will allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, and the special use subdistrict. at the commission unanimously passed this resolution. you adopted this with a couple of modifications. with the additional exception, allowing them to serve beer and wine. and the chemical modification. we amended the ordinance to accommodate both of the recommendations. she received word from
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supervisor campos that there would be a need to allow the single screen theaters to sell alcohol but also multi-screen theaters. this would cause them to send the ordinance back to you for your consideration. they did consider this for the future. supervisor weiner also mentioned he has concerns that the controls are not achieving their desired effect. this may be something that we hear about more in the future. at the full board of supervisors, they heard the appeal for 4141 gary boulevard.


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